On May 5th Burkburnett will have a City Election that includes the election of 4 Commissioners and Presents 4 Propositions for amending the City Charter.  

Early Voting starts next week: Monday April 23rd through Friday April 27 8am to 5pm at Burkburnett City Hall and the following week: Monday April 30th and Tuesday May 1st 7am to 7pm at City Hall.

The Sample Ballot is shown below.

You may think, what does my vote count . . . DID YOU KNOW …

  • Richard Nixon, not John F. Kennedy, would have become President of the U.S. in 1960 if one person from each voting place had voted differently. If just one U.S. Senator had voted differently.

  • U.S. President Andrew Johnson would have been removed from office in 1867.

  • Texas might not have become part of the United States in 1845 if one U.S. Senator had voted differently. The vote in the U.S. Senate was 27-25 to invite Texas to become a state. If it had been a tie, Texas would not have been asked to become part of the Union.